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A Brush with Blood

Don't kill them with your strokes.

Ever wondered what the brush you use is made of? 'Natural' paint and make-up brushes contain the hair of animals such as mongoose and squirrels, creating a cruel and explosive industry.


Our choices as consumers can make a large impact. Let's take an effort to know more about the products we buy and the industries we support.

Some of the cases busted by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau's joint operation since 2018

In 1991, Schedule IV of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act made the killing of mongoose & the use of mongoose products illegal.

Despite the ban, most paint brush manufacturers, traders & retailers in India continue to deal in brushes made of mongoose & squirrel hair.

For 1 kg of hair, over 25 mongooses are killed.

Make a Pledge!

Thank you for taking your time to no blood brush pledge! Your commitment will help save the mongoose & squirrel from becoming paint & make-up brushes

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Know about a mongoose or squirrel hair brush trader / shop / seller?

Report to Wildlife Crime Control Bureau,
Ministry of Environment, Forests, Climate Change


Are you a faculty, student at Art College or a Cafè?
Feel free to invite us to hold a talk!

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